9 June, 2013

When doing lightwork, you may notice some changes to the things and people around you. Everything from waking up in the morning and seeing things a little differently to seeing people in the morning who see you a little differently. We're all energy and when one energy starts to shift before another is ready or willing or able to assimilate that shift, look out! Welcome to your new world.
Very quietly and privately, no one seems to write or talk about what is given up in order to do Light Work. Maybe it's because there's so much to be gained in terms of insight, wisdom, a Divine Connection to the Creator, a stronger connection of love to those around you. But what about  . . .
- when the people you truly believed were your friends turn on you in a way that could only be described as your shadow turning against your body?
- when you can no longer maintain a diet of the foods you truly love because they simply don't agree with your new system, no matter how many times you cook that steak?
- when in the quiet hours of 2am to 5am, you're more awake and full of ideas then you will be all the rest of the day?
- what about the contemplation, conversations with God & the Archangels that are anything but one sided?
It all changes. It has to. One big lesson is not to anticipate that everyone is happy for your new chosen path. They were comfortable with you the old way. That's them and it's not you. With all do respect, the Love & Lighters are often the very igniters around us who make us very aware that our energies no longer co-exist in any kind of peace & harmony way with their own. And that's just fine.
The last line from the sign Mother Teresa had on her wall says everything, "In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never about you and them anyway."
Good luck to us all.


20 April, 2013



Larry Caputo Jr. & me at his Mom's live event in Buffalo.
Such a young gentleman!  The messages Theresa was able to convey to those she read were life changing for all who attended.  For instance, the man who lost his marriage & his job after blaming himself for his brother's passing received a message from his brother telling him to stop blaming himself and get his life back. We all wept with him! Her gifts, her gab and just her being her kept the 3,000 people in attendance on the edge of their seats.
Never miss a chance to see her if you can.


24 February, 2013

What to Expect When You're Least Expecting - How to Gather Your Expectations For a Reading or Energy Session
Wow! Incredible! It's really something to me to watch any sort of mediumship reading or Angel Guidance session unfold for me, as well as for the client. Especially when I am the client! Everyone has a certain idea of how any sort of energy session is going to go. Funny thing is, it rarely turns out as planned. Here's what I mean.
Anyone can come in wearing something that once belonged to their deceased loved one, holding something that was once theirs or just carrying ideas in their head of who they want to hear from, or the type of messages they are expecting to hear.  Goodness knows they've been shouting in their heads all the way to the appointment and are coming in with the session most of the way complete, before they even sit down. I've been there myself and have learned the hard way that life sometimes has other ideas.
So here's a few tips that can make your next energy session - whatever that looks like for you - go a little easier:
First, pray if you're so inclined. It can only help to set yourself up for some positive energy and take away any jitters you're carrying about actually hearing from a deceased loved one, or getting the energy you're seeking. This will help ground you and get you ready for what you're about to experience.
Second, be open. Be as open as you can to the entire experience. Just because you're wearing Margaret's ring, don't expect Margaret to come bounding through the walls. She might, but then again, she might not. It doesn't mean it's not a great session if you don't hear from her. It just means that there are other messages that need to come through for your Highest and Best Good.
Third, stay calm. That's the best way to remember your family and friends who have crossed over. Remember that anyone of Light can come through. Those intentions and rules are set by the Lightworker that you're seeing. If your Mother had a neighbour who passed away and that person has been looking for a chance to come through with messages for his children, you may be the messenger.
It's a humbling privilege to carry forward messages to others from any type of reading. It can help the recipient bridge the gap between loneliness and feeling as though they're back in touch.
If you're the recipient of your own message - GREAT! As heart-warming as that can be, remember that it's the Love from those on the other side that shines through.
Stay calm. Stay open and enjoy. You may just be pleasantly surprised!


10 March, 2013

Sit in silence
Dissolve into the vibe of nothingness

in the quiet, will you laugh or cry?
The silence is our mirror. Who looks back at you now?
The eyes that know your soul, the smile that comforts
The silence rises up from the ground and fills you
You become the vessel for silent moments in your world
Presented with yourself, will you skip to the next thought or recognize an old friend looking back at you?
Who are you in the silence Child?
Who are you in the noise?
Are they the same thing, one internal and one external?
Remember why you're here
And be ready to let go of your vision
And welcome your true purpose
Your power will be the most comfortable thing ever worn
By anyone, anywhere
Be silence.

- Stephan, Spirit Guide



A channelled message from one of my Spirit Guides prior to a client's appointment. The message was clearly for her:
Dear sister of the Light
Welcome here this day
Your Angels and Beings of the Light
We rejoice in your splendor
Your achievements
Your courage
We, the invisible, dry your tears
Watch you breathe
And rejoice in your love
and Commitment to God
On your healing journey
It is with honour that we participate today
and every day
As you walk on this Earth

Blessings to You and Your Loving Family
In name and not in name
The most Holy Love. Bring your Light to Others Child




A Channeled Message from Sandy 

You just need You. That's it. Everything you need is contained within You. Simple, isn't it?

Past doesn't equal future. How could it? There is no past. Can you see it? It's not really real. It's how you remember. Your memories = your version of the past. That's all it is. You can't feel it or pick it up. But yet we are all carrying it with us. What exactly are we carrying? Invisible memories. That's it. Why so heavy? What are your thoughts?

What if your thoughts weighed less? Would your weight drop? Yes! All of your organs are now lighter, brighter and happier. It will show. We can all carry heavy memories. Invisible weight.

Drop it now! Let it slide off your back and into the ground away from you. It's already invisible. Let it disappear from your mind. IT's already disappeared from your life.

Happy thoughts, happy body, happy life. Healthy. What you eat? It's what you do with what you eat. Joy. Enjoy. Entertain Joy. Enjoying!

If you choose sadness it will be there for you. If you choose limits they will tighten over your head like a lid. You tightened the lid, built the jar and held your breath. You, You can get you out!




The Genuine Article  by Sandy Duncan

In the book, "The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels" by Susan Gregg, the author describes 200 "Celestial Beings to help, heal and assist you in everyday life." This is fascinating stuff for those of us who want to expand our knowledge of and work with Angels in our everyday lives and when we are assisting others.

Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters are also detailed in this must have reference guide.

Each Being is set out in picture form (for the most part), purpose, invocation followed by a short narrative.

For example:

Archangel Raguel is associated Judaism/Islam. He will help you create balance, resolve deep-seated issues and smooth out disagreements, among other things. Spring flowers may assist in His Invocation. This Angel is known as the Angel of Justice.

Archangel Haniel is associated with Judiasm. She will assist in making new friends, heighten your intuition and enhance any artistic endeavours. To get help with your spiritual side, light a silver candle and for physical healing, light a green one. Archangel Haniel is also known as "glory of the grace of God".

While you don't need fancy coloured candles to speak with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters or even your friends and family, the ritual of lighting candles and having flowers around can raise up the energy around what you're doing and can make communication easier.

These are only 2 examples in this 318 page book. It's really a brilliant reference to discover who is around helping you and who you can turn to in times of need.





Messages Channeled from my Spirit Guides by Sandy Duncan


Last Friday night, December 14, 2012, Spirit Guides came to me and asked me to write down the messages below. I was asking for understanding re: school shootings in the U.S. and this is what came through. There are 4 messages in total, 3 very short ones at the end.
Sandy xo

The time has come

What in the world or where in the world we are
We are
We are here and there around the globe

When 1 of us cries, we all feel it
When one of us rejoices, we again feel it
To the bone
To our soul
Through the rainbows and around the clouds, passed
The pyraminds to New York's tallest buildings

To afford is to afford and pay in tears
What is the cost?
We weep for the children and are chilled by a full school bus containing many heart beats
Delivering the children to their families for the weekend

I'm home! I'm home!

All children sing out this afternoon, "I'm home!"

To be at home in God's land is to be welcomed
Back to the Father. To weep for their homecoming is to forget our own.

Prayers of the most solemn to Mommies & Daddies, Brothers and Sisters, dogs waiting for their children to return home to be with them and share the love this afternoon that will still bring them together in God's Light!

Children help children cross over
Little children that have come before
To reconcile their own passing, reach with little hands. They are with children of God who have come to play in comfort and tuck them in!

The God in each parent will be touched by another.

The God in each teacher will be recognized at last by another.

The good and Divineness will outweigh their losses in time. God's time, though insurmountable hatred will come and visit in it's own time

Christmas with the Most Holy to bear witness at the feet of the Angels to sing in Christ's home. Sing in faith at the most difficult times - through it all, sing with the energy to heal and be healed, to love and be loved, to know and be known to those who love you.

The Creator knows your name and those who love you will never forget it either.

To the Light in baby steps, back to Heaven for each is a Divine Creation unto God.

It is in the quiet that our voices are the loudest and it is in darkness that we find the Light of Love.

"Well, tonight thank God it's them, intead of you." rings across the globe. What could have been and wasn't. What really was, is.

Look across the room - under your own roof.
Who is with you?
Does it matter to you?
Do they know your real you inside out?

Best friends become invisible and others leave you. Do you feel empty or lit up?

The Light of God never leaves anyone.

Peace. Be Peace. Accept Peace and Live in Peace.

The most child-like on Earth assist to the children going toward the Light - they are not afraid of the Light as they recognize it as their own home.

Going home in Divine time.

The babies know what their parents forget - listen to the laughter of their brothers and sisters, see them alongside or across the room. Mommy and Daddy can't see them but they reside in their hearts. Brothers and sisters just want to play!

Send the love, send the Angels, send the Energy of prayer. Welcome what has happened but don't wear it as your own.

If all silent now, fade to your heart and soul.

Not for you to know the Why. Open your hearts to all of mankind and let love live there.



In the vastness of space in the Universe, when 1 light flickers and says "I love you", you have found your way. I love you. You have found your way.


Be still and hold tight
You will make it through the night
Into the light
The pink light of Heaven


The Mother in all of us becomes Mary.