Here are some kind words from a dear client who came to see me on St. Patrick's Day. She gave her consent to use her endorsement so eloquently that I was drawn to include her consent as well as her endorsement. Her words of wisdom really helped me and I'm hoping they will help you as well. Enjoy!


Please do use it. For anyone out there who reads this. They will truly understand no matter what the pain was, it can be let go of. That maybe some may see God and Jesus not to be feared but they embrace us when we come back to them without judgement. Myself I was taught to fear everything. As I started reading and looking into myself. That is not the way at all and we can choose a new path and thinking at any age. When I began searching, the deep need to.. I realized its always been there. It was never the house that was haunted. It was working guides and angels trying to get my attention.



Good morning Sandy,

I'm doing wonders! Since our session, I have been very sensitive. My forehead tingles all the time now. I have taught my youngest some affirmations and has been working wonders. I listen a lot more now.

I must tell you... I found myself thinking of God and Jesus. And I came to ask for forgiveness for past pain I had blamed on to them. And released myself of the past. Shortly after that For a split second I saw a picture of Jesus standing in a lake holding me wet as if he baptised me. Shortly after the top of my head felt as if a white light was pouring through me.

What an experience. One I am grateful for.

I hope you don't mind the update. I thank you as you helped me so much. In so many ways. By me sharing this with you, I know it will fill you with joy.

Many hugs and blessings to you.



"I'm Not Paying to Hear From My Mother" by Sandy Duncan
It's been said many times, but as soon as we think we have control over a situation, we quickly realize that we don't.
I recently worked with a woman we'll call Gracie. Gracie came to see me for a Mediumship reading. She was lovely, vibrant and when she came in the room, she was followed by a long line of deceased loved ones, all waiting to speak with her.  Over the course of the next hour, she told me that she had 9 loved ones pass away over the last 12 months. Incredible!
One by one, her family & friends stepped forward with loving messages about her job, her health & her future.  Her deceased Mother-in-Law came forward carrying an armful of flowers and placed the heavy bundle on the table between us.  Her message was, "If you count every flower petal and every cell on the green leaves, that's how many times I would like to tell you I love you.".  Gracie was astonished and close to tears. She said that flowers were, "their thing". She always took flowers to her Mother-in-Law and her Mother-in-Law always
sent her money with a note to buy herself flowers when she couldn't be there herself. Beautiful!
Her Husband came through with the same smokey scent that followed him in life as did many others.
Her Father came through who I described to her as being very Jimmy Stewart-like. She agreed and admitted that she had described him that way many times.
Her Father saw this as his opportunity to bring her Mother through, but her Mother did not step up to the table as the others did. She stayed in the doorway, crumpled tissue in her hand and cried, whispering, "I'm sorry". I told Gracie about her Mother's message and she yelled, "I'm not paying to hear from my Mother! Not on my watch!". At that moment, an energetic wall went up between us, with bricks and spikes to emphasize the wall that Gracie had built up around her feelings for her Mother. Theirs was not an easy relationship here in the physical world.
I explained the message that the Angels were bringing through to her. This reading was to assist Gracie with her healing. Even though she wasn't ready to hear from her Mother, she could consider holding this experience in her heart for a time when she was ready. Gracie accepted the message from her Mother in her own way.
I'm looking forward to my next session with Gracie and to meeting the rest of her family & friends.



"The Snow Blower Won't Start!" by Sandy Duncan

A couple of weeks ago now, we had a very heavy snowfall. My husband and I looked at each other as it fell and remembered that our 1 year old snow blower had failed to start all year. Now we really needed it the most and were pretty desperate to not have to shovel the nearly 2 feet of snow on the driveway.
Despite pulling the starter chord over and over again, emptying the old gasoline from the tank and filling it with new, there was no sign of life in the snow blower. Knowing that our neighbours had mentioned the same problem with their snow blower and noticing that their driveway was clear, I suggested that Jim walk down and find out their secret for success. After he walked away, I looked back at the snow blower, sitting silent in the garage. I decided to ask the Angels for help. I prayed to Arch Angel Michael to assist me and stared at the snow blower. After a minute or two, I saw the snow blower covered in blue, then white, then yellow light in rapid succession as if a spotlight with strobing colours was directly over the machine. "It's going to start" I said quietly to myself.

When Jim returned, I suggested that he try it again. He used the electric starter. Nothing happened and then the engine caught - then quit again. He asked if what he heard had really just happened and I told him that it was going to start. We just had to give it a few minutes.
We waited and then Jim wheeled the snow blower out into the driveway, pulled the chord 3 times - nothing.
This is where I know the Angels stepped in because I know absolutely nothing about machinery and even less about my own snow blower. I knelt beside the machine and asked Jim to pull the cover off of the spark plug. He did so and I put my right hand close to it.  I asked what the blue wire was in the spark plug and Jim replied that there are no wires. Blue would be the colour of the spark when spark plug actually fired.  I asked him to replace the cover and stood upright again.  I went to a red button on the same side of the machine and said, "What's this?" Jim said, "The primer".  I pushed the button twice and stepped back. "Start it", I said in a very certain voice. Jim pulled the starter chord and IT STARTED! IT STARTED! IT STARTED!  I smiled and blew a frozen kiss to the sky as a thank you for the help. Jim smiled with renewed enthusiasm and headed off to clear the driveway. As life would have it, the snow blower is now working fine and we haven't had to use it again since . . . I only hope we can ask and receive the same help with the lawn tractor in the spring . . .

Jim comments:

What was striking about the event was that I had not been able to start the snow blower all year. In fact, I was never even close to having it start -- it never even started to fire. Even after turning the heavy snow blower upside down and emptying the gasoline it would not start. I had tried many times that day and it was not even CLOSE to starting. Sandy had a smile on her face and informed me that it was going to start. The certainty and confidence of her expression was striking. She had definite directions for me. We followed a specific plan she received. This was not different from what I had already tried a dozen times that day. Somehow, she was confident and bubbling over with happiness about what we were doing. I followed her directions to the letter and to my amazement, the snow blower started for the first time all year.

Our neighbor recently lost his young wife. He shovels his driveway by hand and we thought he could use some help, particularly with the deep pile at the end of the driveway created by the street's snow plow. Sandy had made contact with his departed wife's spirit and asked for help with the blower so that we may clear her husband's driveway. She said that the woman laughed hysterically and said "What do I care about the driveway? " I was in the middle of clearing his driveway, when our blower ran out of gas. Sandy brought over our gas tank and I filled the tank as heavy snow fell down. I was concerned about snow getting in the exposed tank. I feared that the blower would not start again. Sandy assured me that it would not be a concern. I pulled on the cord and to my delight it started on the very first pull. This machine has not started on the very first pull during the entire time we've had it.