About Us:
This online magazine is a place of reference for those seeking Lightworkers to work with and also for Lightworkers to have a place to share their experiences.
The idea came about while watching a blizzard outside the window on Boxing Day, 2012. "Lightworkers Online Magazine" was all I heard. Thinking it was a good idea then and an even better idea how, this is what has unfolded.
You'll see the stories behind the stories in the section entitled, Sessions.  No matter how prepared we are as a client or a Lightworker, no one can ever be fully ready for exactly what takes place. We have no control. We may come to the meetings and think we know what we are going to see and feel, but it is The Other Side who conducts the orchestra of events. Sessions will give accounts of actual readings and experiences that happen everyday.  If you're wondering if miracles do exist, look here. This isn't an exhaustive list, but certainly enough to keep you entertained and feeling the love!